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For speed and reliability, copper doesn't cut it anymore. For quick, reliable installation, rely on IronCladCE to fulfill all aspects of network engineering to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

System Design and Construction

Do you need to run fiber underground or in a place exposed to the elements? With a flexible or rigid inner duct? Will your cable be armored? IronCladCE has the technical expertise to answer all these questions for you and more.

Point to Point & Point to Multi-Point Wireless

Wireless point to point and point to multipoint solutions from IRONcladCE provide a high speed cost-effective alternative to traditional wired, optical or leased lines to cross connect or bridge networks. Wireless solutions are ideal where traditional trenching and cabling are either unpractical or cost prohibitive. Enterprises and network operators can save thousands when compared to leased line loop charges or dark fiber leases with licensed band or licenses exempt line of site (LOS) and near line of site (nLOS) wireless backhaul solutions. Carrier class reliability and gigabit speeds for detached business offices and last mile connections for voice, data, and video transmission are our speciality. Our team will help you design and install a low latency, high speed wireless network to meet your organizations objectives. We’ll help you navigate the process from the beginning, from obtaining roof rights and the necessary permits, to final delivery and management.

Secure Networks for Corporate and Office Locations

From business critical applications to simple and convenient network access, fiber solutions enable streamlined collaboration. Healthcare providers that need to track the location of medical equipment, hoteliers that need secure access to guest information, or a warehouse operator that needs to scan incoming and outgoing inventory, all rely on high speed WiFi to get the job done.

Often times, when making the decision to go wireless, security and reliability are company’s primary concern. A well designed WiFi solution from IRONcladCE, built upon industry proven security practices and implementation techniques can yield increased user satisfaction and faster ROI on your investment.

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  • Hot Spot
  • Wireless Mesh
  • Optical Wireless - (FSO)
  • RTLS
  • Gigabit Wireless
  • Secure Enterprise Wireless
  • Wireless Site Survey
  • Signal Prediction
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • RFID


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IroncladCE | Communications

Data Cabling

Structured Cabling is the foundation of your business network; data cable connects all your servers, computers, and other network devices and enables voice, data, and multimedia traffic to be routed worldwide. Avoid network congestion, data corruption, and crosstalk with proper data cabling from the experts at IRONcladCE.

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Security Cameras

Video surveillance helps improve security by thwarting crime and preventing loss. Keeping your assets safe is a priority for all businesses, but keeping your customers and employees safe is even more important. By installing state of the art video cameras your customers and employees will feel more secure knowing the premises are under continuous protection.

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Wireless Networks

Wireless network security and Wi-Fi solutions from IRONcladCE provide a high speed, cost-effective alternative to traditional wired lines. Wireless network connections are ideal where traditional trenching and cabling are either unpractical or cost prohibitive and Wi-Fi hotspots are an ideal solution for businesses of all kinds.

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Server Rooms

If you are planning a new server room or upgrading an existing server room, look no further than the cyber security experts at IRONcladCE. Network security, server room temperature, comms room physical security and fire suppression measures work together to create the optimal server room solution for your business or home network.

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Telephone Systems

Telephone systems have come a long way since the advent of PBX, and the truth is you could be saving your company time and money by upgrading your PBX system to an IRONcladCE VOIP phone system. Make the switch to a new IP phone system and let our team of professionals help you integrate state of the art IP Telephony.

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Technology Integration

When it comes to smart homes, custom residential networks, hi-tech office enhancements and Wi-Fi technology, we’ve got you covered. The experts at IRONcladCE design and install professional in-home and office technology the right way. We operate in a wide variety of markets from new construction and custom remodeling, to IT management.

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